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PRO-LINE Scrubs 2.2" 2WD X2 (Medium) Off-Road Buggy Front Tires - 8212-002 - ActivRC - 1


PRO-LINE Scrubs 2.2" 2WD X2 (Medium) Off-Road Buggy Front Tires - 8212-002

$ 15.99 $ 20.99

PRO-LINE Scrubs 2.2" 2WD X2 (Medium) Off-Road Buggy Front Tires - 8212-002

This is a pair of Scrubs 2.2" 2WD Off-Road Buggy Front Tires. Stay in the groove with Pro-Line's all new Scrubs 2WD front buggy tires. Designed specifically for wet and dry clay tracks, the Pro-Line Scrubs front tire offers an optimum angled bar side bite, as well as a pin design, which will make your buggy track like an arrow. Offered in our M3 and MC compounds to meet your entire clay track needs. When thinking about getting a new 2WD front buggy tire, think about Scrubbing past the competition.

When testing this tire in its early stages this is what our drivers had to say:

Team Pro-Line’s Factory Driver Ryan Cavalieri had this to say:
“The new Scrubs tire offers increased steering and stability during high speed cornering. I was able to push my car hard into the corner and I new the Scrubs would hold.”

Pro-Line's R&D Team said, "The Scrubs is the only 2WD front buggy tire that can handle high speed, high bite corners with little wear. With its forward designed thought, the Scrubs front buggy tire will surely pass the competition!"

 "Pro-Line tires always give me the grip I need no matter what the surface, but the X compound takes it a step further by extending the life of the tire without sacrificing the grip." - Ty Tessmann

"The only choice for National Champions....Pro-Line's new X compound!" Dakotah Phend

Elliott Boots was able to TQ two rounds of the three giving him the overall TQ, he chose to use the X4 Blockade which worked very well, setting fastest laps by over a second from all other drivers, with the track quite muddy, but they worked really good” – Chris Boots on Elliott’s TQ at the 2013 Saint Quentin GP

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