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SCHELLE RACING B6 Chassis Tie Rod Set - SCH1278

Schelle Racing

SCHELLE RACING B6 Chassis Tie Rod Set - SCH1278

$ 8.99 $ 12.99

SCHELLE RACING B6 Chassis Tie Rod Set - SCH1278

The B6 Chassis Tie Rod Set comes with all the hardware you will need to complete the dual pivot setup to go with the SCH1277 X Plate.  You can go the "Do It Yourself" route with spares from your box, or get the Associated B6 shock ends and a Lunsford turnbuckle from us.


  1. 2 long B6 shock ends with 2 pivot balls (from ASC91721).  Use the long ends for most cases.
  2. The short B6 ends come in the Associated parts set, so we include them in the bag.  You may need them on the B6D for the rearward positions.
  3. Mates with SCH1257 Battery Strap* and SCH1277 X Plate* (* sold separately, not included)
  4. 3mm Lunsford Punisher Turnbuckle, 50mm length.
  5. Pivot brace adds low speed traction and steering to let the rear end follow the front through turns.

Pro Installation Tips:

  1. Thread each end equally 5 turns onto the turnbuckle, then fine adjust on the car.
  2. Use the mount hole on the strap closest to the outer battery position hole you are running.  This reduced bending on the battery posts.
  3. Secure the battery tight.  Set the adjustment posts on the chassis to a height at or slightly below the surface of the battery so that the strap is secure against the LiPo case.
  4. Set the turnbuckle length so that there is no free-play front to rear.   Typical length between rode ends is 40mm for B6 Laydown and 35.5 mm for B6D standup.

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